Past and Present
Our company was established in 1992 as the legal successor of Building Industry Company (est. in 1957). The company is owned by Hungarian individuals.
Originally, we formed two areas of business: first MAN dealer, service centre and authorised distributor in Hungary, and international freight transport. The year 2008 marked a new era for the company: we moved to a new, more modern site. As the location of the new site also had the advantage of improved logistics, we were able to focus on this area as well.
The number of vehicle combinations in our fleet was then increased to thirty and, at the same time, the high requirements set centrally by MAN were met by our service and technical infrastructure.
In 2016, with the continued increase in demand for our services, the company decided to launch the professional development of its forwarding activities too.
Our expert staff continue to extend the range of services and to develop our portfolio. As a result, both our turnover and revenues have significantly increased.
Today, too, the company is owned by Hungarian private citizens who took an active part in building up the company from the very beginning and who have ever since been committed to maintaining a professional approach and pushing the company forward.

Forwarding in the Future
We believe in the professional expertise of Hungarian experts and are thus certain that we, a Hungarian company, will continue to play a significant role in operating domestic and international supply chains in a responsible way.
Applying innovative solutions is a must in the ever-changing professional and business environment of logistics today.
The experts at INTER-ÉPFU Research and Innovation Centre can quickly provide effective responses to any challenges requiring specific, forward-thinking state-of-the-art technologies.
Thanks to the expert knowledge of our staff, to the flexibility resulting from the size of our company and to our win-win philosophy in business, we provide our services to customers in a modern and most efficient way, and continue to increase our value-added market share.

MAN Service Centre, Sale of Commercial Vehicles
A MAN Service Centre has been operated by our company for several decades now. Thanks to the technical facilities and to the further training organised for the staff on a regular basis, the centre meets the high requirements set by MAN. The technical improvements and the further training set by this world-class manufacturer are duly compliant and the relating quality standards are met accordingly. Genuine MAN replacement parts and other accessories are offered by our Replacement part division at an affordable price.

As we have a great number of international partners, an exceptionally wide range of used vehicles (standard and custom-designed alike) are offered by our Sale of commercial vehicles division. In particular, we specialize in tractors and semi-trailers operated by INTER-ÉPFU Road haulage department. These vehicles have been maintained with special care and are thus of superior quality.