Sale of replacement parts


Driving reliable vehicles is a more and more important factor in operating vehicles in a safe way today. It is inevitable thus that parts of high quality which can be utilized in a most efficient way are used. Our company has been operating a MAN service centre for 25 years. Genuine MAN replacement parts for any MAN vehicle are offered at a reasonable price and with a short delivery time.

With a view to operating vehicles in a cost-effective way, parts refurbished by the MAN factory to the same quality as new parts can also be ordered at our company. All parts are delievered either directly from stock in the warehouse or within one working day.

Advantages of using genuine MAN parts:

– operation adjusted to the fuel system

– long service life

– outstanding fuel efficiency

– best long-run value for money

– limited environment pollution


All genuine MAN parts installed by our company come with a TWO-YEAR WARRANTY. ONE year warranty may apply to some parts. Detailed price calculation is available on request. Please feel free to contact us by phone or by e-mail; it is free.


László Szabó – MAN After Sales
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